Shower Panels



Shower panels or so called shower wall panels, wet wall paneling, or shower boards provide lots of benefits for customers looking for an easy to fit, waterproof paneling system for shower walls. A shower panel consists of a panel with different available configurations.

Whether you are looking for a complete revamp or putting a modern twist on your bathroom, shower panels can fit perfectly. We provide shower panels available in a broad variety of colours, finishes and sizes to perfectly match your interior tastes.


shower panel


Here are the to things to consider about the shower panels.

  • Shower panels are quick and easy to install; all you need is a hot/cold pipe.
  • These are waterproof and require very low maintenance.
  • Inexpensive alternative to customized showers.
  • Multipanel shower wall panels are easy to clean with the use of warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent.
  • Many sizes and configurations available for every shower.
  • Water-efficient: Shower panels provide the custom-shower experience, using less water.
  • May be moved to different showers; suitable for rental homes.


GlasscoNY has over 10 years of experience in shower panels. We have developed our own professional approach regarding the design to development and installation of shower panels. Our commitment to perfection has served our customers for years, breeding recurring business and bringing new customers here in New York City and surrounding cities in New York.

We regularly research the market to keep the track of the latest innovative selections in glass and hardware, at the same time keeping the prices at competitive levels. We also appreciate your time, that’s why we approach each job with rapid response to make sure our customers meet their deadlines and come in on budget.

No matter what your shower door needs are. From a singular shower door installation to multi-family and hotel renovations, our highly experienced team is ready to help assure your next project surpasses expectations.


What is included

What is the standard size of a shower panel?

There is no one standard size for a frameless glass door. Standard sizes start at 24 inches and go up to 60 inches for bypass and French doors.

How much do glass walls in the bathroom cost?

The average cost to install a glass block wall in a bathroom is about $700. Most homeowners pay between $550 to $1,300. Installing this type of wall is an economical way to allow light into your bathroom without sacrificing privacy.

Are glass shower doors dangerous?

All glass shower doors can shatter, some without any impact. However, the glass used is usually designed to break into pieces that are less likely to cut if they hit you.​

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