Store Front Installation

Storefront Installation

Every business needs to reflect the personality of your business, be appeared in a professional and modern way, what’s more essential, it needs to be inviting.

At GlassCo NY, we are devoted to bring you the best quality services by designing, creating, installing and replacing everything from curtain walls and storefronts to entrance doors and all-glass railings, and on projects that range from a single door to tens of thousands of square feet of glass.

The range of our products and services includes storefront windows, commercial windows, interior storefront systems, residential storefront windows, commercial storefront door adjustment, commercial glass door installation, as well as storefront glass replacement. We also provide storefront installation in NYC or anywhere in the Tri-State area.

The best part about the glass storefronts is that you can get a large glass panel at a relatively affordable price. There are lots of types of storefronts you can choose from. In order to choose a glass storefront, first you need to pick the type of glass you want based on your needs and style.

Several questions that we can ask you


Check these questions to get the maximum from your first visit.

  1. Measurements for your store front space.
  2. Deadline of the project.
  3. The complete style of the storefront that you want to have.
  4. The way you want your storefront functions. Here you can get into specifics about the way it will function, the obstructions that can be in the space, as well any designer accessories you may desire to include.
  5. The way the store front will be installed. You will need experts’ help in order to install the storefronts.

In case you still do not have any answers, no worries as we are ready to provide you the best solution once we meet for your store front!


What should I expect as part of my window installation project?

During the first appointment, one of our licensed local service providers will inspect your existing windows, ask questions about your needs and budget, and take measurements of your work area. After discussing all the details, we will order your new windows, take payment and schedule a time for the installation. After your windows have been replaced, the installer will complete a final inspection, review product and service warranties with you, and remove your old windows and any debris.

What methods are used to replace the windows?

Pocket installation: A new window is placed into an existing frame. It’s an ideal choice if your window frame and sill are in good condition, and you want to install the same size or style of window.

Full-frame window installation: With this method, your entire existing window is removed, including the frame and trim. The installation will include a new frame, trim, and even improved insulation. It is used when old frames have wood root or can’t be repaired, maximizing energy efficiency is a top concern, or the replacement window is a different size, shape or style.

Can replacing the windows reduce the heating and cooling costs?

Yes. No matter what type of window you choose, a new high quality window with thick, insulated glass is more energy efficient than an older, single-pane glass window. We provide window glass options that are designed to save money on utilities and help protect the environment.

What is the difference between a curtain wall and a storefront?

Curtain wall is taller than the storefront and is used for frames that are 13 feet or higher (though they can be used on frames 11-12 feet tall). Storefront is used for frames up to 10 feet.

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